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Wal Smith

What I am about

Hi there!

I am a solo artist, music act, consisting of electric and acoustic guitars and vocals with professionally recorded instruments as backing tracks.

For the majority of songs, I sing whilst playing either the electric or acoustic guitar, playing lead and rhythm.  I will sometimes just sing without the guitars to mix it up a bit. My backing tracks are actual recorded instruments, so if you close your eyes at a gig, it sounds like a full band playing.

I can now offer a 1 or a 2 piece band as well as a 2 piece acoustic gig.

​I can play in either the smallest of venues, because of my compact PA system, which is the top of the range Bose L1 model 11, with a tone match desk and B2 Bass module, or I can play in the largest of venues, as my equipment sounds crystal clear at very high volumes. I also have an additional top of the range speaker to place in different shaped venus so my sound can be heard everywhere in the place. I can even plug into a P A system if there is one.

So the size of the gig really does not matter! I have 2 pieces of lighting equipment that will light up the stage and also light onto the dance floor and into the audience.

I have songs for everyone, all ages, all occasions and tastes, from the 1950’s right up to now, which you will find it impossible not to sing and dance along to! Click on this link to see my SET LIST  to find some of your favourite songs.

I know many songs as you will see and I am learning more everyday. If you book a wedding with me I will also learn your fist dance for the special day.

I can work with you on set times but to give you an idea, I can have background music playing for people arriving and background  music playing if you wish to have a buffet/disco break etc in the middle, with up to 3 hours of live music either side of the buffet/disco break. I provide not just music but an overall entertainment package.

I am based centrally around Ayrshire, but I cover all of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

I (Wal) have been performing live for a number of years on my own and before that with another band so I know what it takes to make your day/night special and leave nothing to chance. Be it a wedding, a corporate event, a party or whatever your needs are, I have the equipment and know how to make sure your event goes off with a bang!

I come highly recommended by all who see me. I have many regular gigs in pubs locally who ask me back time and time again, such as Stranraer Football Club, The Commercial inn, in Girvan, The Twa Dugs and Harleys in Ayr, The Crown in Portpatrick, The high Society in Maybole, Platform One in Romiley, The Swan In Hindley Green and many more! Click on the following link so you can see some of my excellent reviews

If you like what you have seen so far, don’t hesitate to contact me for prices, questions or anything else you might need.