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Wal Smith

Hello and Welcome,

Please click on the video’s at the bottom of this page first, to see what I sound like live.


Click Welcome

Wal Smith’s site.

“your first choice for live music!”

Feel free to look around the website.

Its very easy to use and with the tabs at the top or the links below,

you will be able to find out whatever you need!.

I have:

What I am about   To find out what I do and what I’m about.

Demos  To listen and sing along to. (may take a little time to load up)

Upcoming Gigs  To find out when and where I’m playing to see me live.

Gallery   To see and send in pictures of gigs and private parties.

Song list  To see my set list and find your favourite songs.

Videos  To watch videos of live gigs sent in by the audience. 

Links To see other services I recommend.

Contact us  Contact details for any questions or to book a gig.